Ready for REAL adventure?  The Istanopolis Salvage Company is hiring! 

Tired of running from ghouls?  Barkeep banter got you down?  Can’t afford a new pair of boots, much less that new enchantment for your battered sword?  Sick of teammates getting eaten by monsters you can’t even identify, much less run away from?

There’s an answer:  join our elite cadre of trained agents, and experience the thrill of working on the cutting edge of urban reclamation.  You’ll receive the best dungeoneering training money can buy, and access to the best equipment in the industry.  Succeed in our high-risk, high-reward operations, and your Operative Class will rise alongside your Credit Account!  As you gain in rank, you’ll gird yourself with custom crafted, expertly enchanted armor, weapons, and gear.  Eventually, you’ll be calling down epic arcane fire support in real time!

The ISC represents officially licensed & chartered salvage vendors, providing cutting-edge recovery, reclamation, and make-safe operations within the Grand Municipality of Istanopolis.  Positions are limited, so apply today!
Do you have what it takes to make it as a professional reclamation agent?  Are you cut out for more than just warming bar stools in between fleeing from goblins? 
Apply in person at the ISC Section 0 chapter house, 103 Rubel Boulevard, Goverment District. 
Employment contracts registered with the ISC fall under category 1002.3b of the Imperial Istanopolitan Edicts.  All registered contracts are considered Proof Of Indenture until the signatory term has expired.  Violation of these contracts is punishable by the full extent of Trade Code within the Grand Municipality and all outlying territories.


The Cripplegate Reclamation Project